1. Crazy to think that 6 months from today he’ll be a year old. #gideondavid

  2. Today was pretty swell. #gideondavid (at The Contemporary At Laguna Gloria)

  3. Got to interview Diego Luna today. So, that was rad. #sxsw

  4. Hardest part of going back to work this week has been having to say goodbye to this little man in his homie hat my Tia made for him. #illbringhometheturkeyifyoubringhomethebacon


  5. I mean, mornings like this don’t get old. #gideondavid

  6. He’s already growing so fast.

  7. Learning more and more about this little guy every day. For instance, he can sleep while I vacuum, grind coffee, watch house of cards, and also jam Selena in the kitchen. But, the second I try to change his diaper, he loses his shit. Literally and figuratively.

  8. chadzellner:

    @gabriellaloves + @davidruiz on the blog. Link in profile.

  9. I am the master of my domain. Did the damned thing. Mowed, edged, & weed-eated the yard.

  10. flyingsaucer-eyes:

    already, Gideon… already.

    (Source: thestoryofagirlinstockholm)